Feeding fish, Great Barrier Reef, Eddy reef

When I was living in North Queensland I went out for a scuba dive with Mission Beach Dive, www.missionbeachdive.com . During this covid19 time it has been difficult for many small businesses, so I thought I would give them a mention. Mission Beach Dive reopened after the covid shutdown and they are running their snorkelling and scuba diving trips out to the beautiful Great Barrier Reef.

The boat we went out on The Reef Goddess was so comfortable and had lots of room for everyone on board. The lunch on board was delicious and plentiful and apparently Mission Beach Dive have a reputation for their good food.

I went on two dives with a professional dive master and another diver. The water clarity was terrific and the temperature was warm, as you would hope for being in Nth QLD.

It  was a great day out and I would recommend it to any first time or experienced diver or snorkeler.